Permission to Rest

December 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

I felt like I won the lottery as I came back down the driveway! I started singing and smiling and feeling my spirit lift!

Lately my youngest has had a strong hesitation to go to school. When asked why, she replies “because there are no parents there!”. Can’t say I blame her. On her alternate days she enjoys dance classes, Tim Horton’s, shopping with Mommy, and  snuggling on the couch surrounded by Christmas twinkly lights, watching Holiday Specials on TV.  Even with snack time and recess, how can school compete?

Anyways, today was the first day in two weeks that she decided school would be okay, without coaxing, without bribery, without striking any deals, she happily hopped on the school bus. So, back to my lottery….

After leaping for joy several times (quite literally, try it and try not to feel joy afterwards!), I settled into my favourite meditation chair and breathed the silence in deeply.  Long  exhale.  Ah, there it is. Bliss.

Permission To Rest.

I was not resting because I felt ill and my body demanded it. I was not resting because my body could not function any longer without it. And I was not resting because I felt I deserved a moment of luxury. I was resting because when I give myself these moments, I am never disappointed that I did.

Contrary to what we have come to believe, Rest and Play are not luxuries.  They are fundamental. For our growth spiritually, for our good health, and for our happiness.

Ever been in the shower and all of a sudden had an amazing idea? Ever been laying comfortably in bed, almost asleep and suddenly remembered something truly important? It is no coincidence.  When you rest, you are opening doors previously closed by the pace we keep these days.  You are allowing, instead of resisting.

Dedication is not putting more work hours in a day. Dedication is bringing your best.

My best is achieved when I approach my day from a place of peace and inner knowing that I am loved, I have purpose, and we are all one.  My best is achieved when I let bliss be my guide.

With love and light during the holiday season, I wish you all permission to rest ❤


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