April 14, 2013 § 2 Comments

“Sorry, I’ve just been so busy. “

I was on my knees praying in church this morning when I had remembered something I forgot. Not a mission critical item, but a nice-to-do item that I had wanted to do, and meant to do, but didn’t.  I had forgotten.

As I was beginning to think up the usual response (I’ve been busy), God interrupted and suggested to me that really, I haven’t.  I haven’t been busy at all. I have been distracted.  


So I started to think about the difference between busy and distracted. And like an unravelling tapestry, thoughts came to me of how quick we are to respond with “I’ve been so busy”, like it is an appropriate excuse for our behaviour.  I started thinking about all the times I have heard the words: ” I’ve been busy”.  Perhaps as an explanation for why we haven’t called a friend who we intuitively knew could use our support, but we got busy with our own life. Or when we say that we wish we could spend more time with loved ones, but we don’t make the effort because we are too busy. Or our response to someone who has used their time to do something unnecessary but kind : “they must have a lot of time on their hands!”  Or when we say to our kids “I just gotta do this and then I can listen to what you’re saying”, as if they’ll still be in the excitement of that moment five minutes later when you are finished with your email.

We are not busy. We are distracted. Distracted from the moment we are in because we are thinking about the next hundred moments to come.  Distracted by the guilt we would feel if we actually relaxed and enjoyed our family instead of evaluating the items on our to-do list that could fit into our Sunday afternoon at home.  Distracted by the need to feel like we are doing, instead of being.

We are human beings, not human doings.

Yet when given the opportunity in a free moment, we pick up our smart phone, we sit down at the computer, or we flick on the TV.  We make choices to fill our time. We are always doing, which feels like busyness, but really its distraction.

I don’t know how we got to the point where we need to feel busy all the time, nor do I think it matters. What matters is that we become aware of it, and decide that what is important is to enjoy the moment we are in.

Choose to call the friend who could use the support, and enjoy the feeling of connectedness that results.

Choose to spend time with loved ones, savoring all the unique personalities and strengths of who they truly are.

Choose to make time for those unnecessary, but kind acts, because they actually are necessary.  

And choose to listen to our children in the moment that they are compelled to share with us. Because that excitement is fleeting, and they need an example that shows them that if we don’t live in our current moments, we won’t have any moments to cherish later.


Be brave enough to surrender to the moment.

Be still enough to hear that voice leading you to what is truly important

Just Be.





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