The Help

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I just finished reading The Help. Terrific book. I f you haven’t read it yet, you should.

As I am reading it however, I can’t help wondering to myself, what did these women do all day? They have “the help” look after the cleaning, the cooking, the child care, the laundry, the baking, the ironing, the silver polishing (not that I have any of that to do, but still!) and any other need that may arise during the daily routine.

Of course, there is the fundraising through the women’s league, and the weekly bridge club that needs tending. And dreaming of new ways to further discriminate between themselves and “the help” seems to cause endless exhaustion for them.  But as I compare daily life in this book compared to what the mothers in my circle accomplish nowadays, it is staggering to realize the differences in the times. (Note: it is not lost on me that as I type I am sampling from a delicious Rheo Thompson box generously bestowed during a visit with friends last night). 

I feel compelled to congratulate all my mother friends who, without “the help” run endless parenting marathons in the hopes of raising charming and well-rounded children, often while juggling a career, volunteer schedule, or children’s extra-curricular schedules, and putting nutritious meals on the table that dodge all the modern obesity- inducing, allergy-triggering, cancer-causing ingredients we become made aware of only after-the-fact. 

Life was different back then; not to mention fraught with human rights tragedies that will bring you to tears.  As I reach for another interesting looking flavour in my Rheo Thompson box and contemplate which household job against which I am procrastinating the most, I am grateful for the evolution of the times, I am hopeful for further evolution that will remedy the many human rights tragedies still being experienced, and I feel blessed for the opportunity to have read a book that provides such an authentic and compelling reminder of the value of everyday people.


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