New Year’s Promises from a mother of four

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

At dinner the other night my husband brings up the topic of New Year’s resolutions, and asks the kids what they plan to resolve to do better in 2012.  Initially, the kids confuse New Years with Lent and resolve to give up chocolate for 40 days. My husband looks to me for help, to which I reply, “I hope to be able to walk through the house without having anything stick to my feet!” (hoping my not-so-subtle message for my family to clean up after themselves will hit home). After a long stare, my husband recovers and says, “okay then, so Mommy plans to wear slippers for all of 2012, what do you kids resolve to do?”.

Later I got to thinking about what would be a good resolution for me to make for 2012. Very quickly I found myself sliding downward in an avalanche of choices, and I thought to myself, maybe I should write ALL these down, pin them to a spinning dartboard, and each week, I will throw a dart and allow my weekly priority to be chosen. Sounds good right?  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I resolve to allow the pile of clean laundry needing to be folded to only get as high as my toddler, not my 8 year old.

I resolve to discourage the dirty laundry piles from reaching beyond the laundry room doorframe.

I resolve not to get so distracted by my social networking  that it takes the children’s behaviour barometer to rise for me to realize it is 5pm and I need to get supper started.

I resolve to stop justifying to myself that I deserve all the amazing cappuccino and latte concoctions I have become addicted to drinking in the mid-afternoon hours.

I resolve to allow my eldest child some slack in the rope when he insists on taking on greater responsibility, even if it may endanger my sense of better judgement

I resolve to fight the inclination to just stand at the door and toss a new item into the far-too-cluttered pantry instead of taking the opportunity to tidy it.

I resolve to stop feeling the need to carry my Blackberry with me everywhere I go, including the laundry room, washroom, and garage so that it may incur less paint chips when I drop it.

I resolve to keep my kitchen cleaner (feel like I’m cheating on this one thanks to Norwex)

I resolve to water my house plants more frequently so they don’t silently scream to house guests to rescue them.

I resolve to make good use of the gifts people choose for me (especially my beautiful new red wine glasses)

I resolve to make my bed every morning so as to better resist the urge to nap in it in the afternoon.

I resolve to avoid using the activist approach when tackling differing opinions on topics I feel strongly about

I resolve to stop pretending I don’t swear due to having four children and better focus my efforts on swearing only when they are not within ear shot.

I resolve to changing out of my pyjamas even if I am not leaving the house.

I resolve to progress to brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and washing my face once I have mastered the resolution above.

I resolve to making eye contact and if my hands are free, embracing my husband when he comes home from work, rather than concentrating on my juggling act and shouting instructions on how he can join in.

I resolve to talk less and do more so I’m not such a hypocrite when I tell my kids to do the same

I resolve to remember that I am a parent, not a supervisor, and recognize when my children are expressing themselves, regardless of the mess it makes or how long it takes to clean up


But seriously…..

I resolve to recognize God’s beautiful subtlety and appreciate how He chooses to share things with me.

I resolve to remember to love first and always, even when it’s the furthest thing from my mind.

And I resolve to forgive, as Jesus taught us, cause life is short and God has big plans for those of us that can.



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