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November 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Ever laughed so hard you cried? Have you done it recently?

For me, it had been too long.

Oh, I’ve had some good chuckles recently, don’t get me wrong. Discovering once I was already out jogging that I had put my pants on inside out caused me to snigger. Listening to my four year old explain: “I was just tickling them!” when I found him with his hand in the Oreo cookie bag, caused me to chortle. Listening to my three year old niece respond to her first chocolate-covered almond experience with “Hey, these chocolates are good; I even like the pits!” sure made me giggle. Looking up words for “chuckle” in the thesaurus this morning set me a tittering <wink> .

But what I mean is when you’ve had a full out belly-originating, eyes-tearing, can’t-breath kind of laughter. One where you have to cover your face because it has become so involuntarily contorted with laughter. Once you’ve recovered, you catch your breath with a big smile on your face, followed by the residual “aaahhh, that was funny” as you finally exhale normally, and you realize how good that felt!

A peaceful, relaxed, refreshing kind of good. Those are the moments that for years in the future you could be anywhere, anytime and if you think of that moment, it will make you laugh out loud. Not LOL. But Laugh. Out. Loud.

I had one of those moments this morning. It was terrific. It was refreshing. It left me relaxed, and feeling peaceful. And grateful. Both for the person who provided the laugh, and for the moment of laughter that will stick with me for years to come. And as I tried to describe it to someone else, I started laughing so hard I couldn’t even get the words out. I was laughing so hard just re-telling the moment that the person I was sharing it with started laughing just watching me. That, is funny.

So go find some funny. It’s therapeutic. And when you’ve recovered from that belly-originating, eyes-tearing, can’t-breath kind of laughter, share it. With me, preferably, but anyone will do 🙂


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