Learning To Count.

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever watched the Berenstein Bears cartoon on TV? If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you have. Terrific show with some heart-warming lessons. There are a couple in particular that I consider favourites. The one I’m thinking of today is the one where Brother and Sister Bear start heading down the “spoiled kid” path and Mama, in her infinite wisdom, patiently helps the young cubs to see the many blessings they are taking for granted and encourages them to count them, often. The final scene shows Sister Bear laying in bed counting. When asked if she is counting the stars, she replies, “Actually, I am counting blessings”. Awesome, right?

Flash forward to present day where, depending on the day (and possibly time of month 😉 ) I might be found wallowing in the self-pity that only a housewife to a travelling executive and mother of four young children can be found. First I target the husband (“You work too much and too hard…”), then I move onto the children (“Why am I always Cinderella before the Fairy Godmother…pick up your stuff already!”), then I move onto the weather (“Enough with the flippin’ rain!”), or maybe just the circumstances (“Seriously, the dishwasher breaks after only 3 years, and now I have to wash everything BY HAND?!” ). So hard done by, right?

Then I give my head a shake and realize how shallow I am for complaining of these things, and start chiding myself for wallowing in what is clearly a mitt-full of blessings: a husband with a successful career that provides for his family, allowing me to be at home with our children; four healthy, intelligent, beautiful children who have implicitly trusted me with the opportunity to set an example for them; several crisp and artistically beautiful autumn days scattered amongst the rain; and a broken appliance that has reminded me how fortunate my dishwashing circumstances were before it broke.

 Is that a forest I see….through those trees?

Lord, forgive me, for sometimes I can be so dense (please also forgive my husband for working so much and my children for being lazy sloths). I’ll get over the rain and dishwasher – thank you for sending them as contrast to my blessings so they might penetrate my thick head. Please provide me with the wisdom and strength of Mama Bear, to see past the trees to the amazing, miracle-infused forest you have bestowed upon and entrusted to me.

One…two… three…


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