Happy Birthday!

September 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have four kids. I know birthdays. I know birthdays so well I am considering Event Planning as a career option when I eventually return to work. Birthdays are a reason to celebrate. Celebrate life. Celebrate blessings. Celebrate the wisdom gained over the previous year of living.  But in my not-so-humble opinion, birthdays are also an excuse to splurge.

My husband thinks I’m nuts for the birthday parties I plan for our children. And in some ways he isn’t too far off the mark, as I have backed myself into some dangerous precedent setting corners with the parties I have planned (my children discuss the themes of their next birthdays many months in advance, and prefer a home-based, mommy organized party, to an outsourced version anywhere else).  But why not have fun celebrating the day we were blessed with our children?  (a little guilt goes a long way in justifying the effort and expense).

What most don’t know however, is that I don’t stop there.  I celebrate my own birthday too! God has given me another year:  a year of blessings, good health, new lessons and opportunities to grow, and I am grateful. So grateful I need to celebrate.  A few years ago I celebrated with a new pair of tall brown leather boots. Last year I celebrated with a girls-night-out birthday party with a few of my best gals. Immediately prior to writing today’s blog entry, I celebrated by ordering myself a terrific new birthday present online (thanks to a great referral from a new friend – thanks for The Message, Diana)!

A close friend once explained to me that she was on a strict naturopath diet that excluded one of her favourite consumptions. She told me she was going to make an exception and include it anyway, because it made her happy. It gave her joy. She was happier with it in her life. I couldn’t agree more. It’s terrific life advice. If it gives you joy, forget the guilt, ignore the “but-I’m-supposed-to”s, and be happy.

So I will continue to plan exciting birthday parties for my kids. It makes them happy. It brings them joy. And they are happier (year-round!) with these celebrations in their life.

And I will continue to splurge on my own birthday every year. Because it makes me happy. It gives me joy. And I’m happy to have another year to celebrate in my life.

Written with much gratitude. God Bless.


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