Is it bad parenting to hide from your children?

July 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

As I sit and type I can hear the bickering escalate into a full out yelling match between my two eldest, quickly followed by the thump-thump-thump-thump-thump of their feet on the stairs and the matching screech: “I’m teeeeeeeeeelling!!!!!!”.  I fight my natural instinct to crawl under the desk and hide, only because I think I might get stuck and all of the sudden I’m out of the frying pan, into the fire.

I used to hide from my children when I was nursing my youngest, by finding a well-tucked away, peaceful spot in which I knew they wouldn’t think to look. I justified my actions by assuring myself that my newborn’s nutritional needs took priority over refereeing a dispute over who got the biggest snack.  That justification dried up with my milk, and now I must face the music…I need to stop hiding and put on my patience hat, overflowing with tolerance, and lead by example. Right.  Anyone know where I can find one of those? Mine went missing shortly after the last day of school.

Time to google some new activities to keep the kids busy when their gazillion toys, books, puzzles, bikes, sprinklers, and play equipment just won’t do the trick. Either that or give in to one of the thirty daily requests for video game screen time, which I know will keep them occupied for as long as I allow it to continue. Or I could go put a load of laundry in. It always takes them awhile to find me when I’m in the laundry room.  Decisions, decisions.

To play devil’s advocate, perhaps hiding from the kids during their bickering matches will help them grow as individuals. Perhaps my absence will force them into diplomatic negotiations and by God’s grace they will work it out on their own and play peacefully ever after.  Could happen.  Really I am doing them a favour. If the alternative is losing my mind and blowing my top, I’ll take a good hiding spot any day.


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