Givin’ Props to Hubert Cecil Booth, a.k.a. HCB.

February 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Wonderin’ who HCB is? Well let me tell you! While it was Daniel Hess who invented the first carpet sweeper in 1860, it was actually Hubert Cecil Booth who invented the motorized vacuum cleaner, which he called the “puffin billy”. That little beaut eventually evolved into CENTRAL VAC, and so it is HCB who deserves this housewife’s salute for a job well done!
Many of you are familiar with the traditional use of the vacuum cleaner: to suck up dirt from the floor to create the illusion that the floor is actually clean. For those of you with children, I suspect you have discovered the many other uses for this blessed invention. For me, some of these have included:
• Sucking those stubborn, stuck-on food particles from the crevices of the hi-chair
• Sucking up a spider I prefer not to squish – survival of the fittest my friend, good luck on the other side!
• Sucking up the small toys I am tired of picking up for the hundredth time to prevent it from being swallowed by my toddler (e.g Barbie shoe)
• Sucking the crumbs off my toddler’s clothes (and surrounding 5 foot diameter) once she has annihilated her lunch
• Dusting EVERYTHING a vacuum head can reasonably fit on
• Sucking crumbs off the kitchen countertops, tabletops and most frequently, the hi-chair tray
• Sucking the poop crumbs off the diaper change table (you know the granular type that just won’t stick to a wipe!)
• Sucking dried mud off kids boots, coats, mitts, etc. (so much easier to wash afterwards!)
• Sucking up the shrapnel after craft time (glitter, confetti, foam slices, googly eyes, etc.)
• And my most recently discovered use… sucking up several cups of spilled flour after my toddler discovered the open bag in the pantry. It said “all-purpose”, right Mom? (sigh.)
Feel free to include your own creative uses – I’d love to hear how else I could maximize my central vac’s potential!

(Oh, and one important step to remember if you plan to put any of these suggestions to use – be sure to ask your husband to clean out the receptacle!)


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